What’s our story?

We are a family of five adventurers ready to jump into a trip through Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Dubai, Egypt and Europe. We are lucky to have friends scattered around the world. Thank goodness we didn’t burn too many bridges in our lives. So far, all of our people have agreed to let us stay in their homes. Yay! We will be backpacking and staying in hostels as well. I’ll take some before and after pictures so you can see our transformation. hee. I will  be writing this blog to a) help me to remember things b) share our adventure (the good, bad, ridiculous, embarrassing, fun) with you c) it will be fun to read and look at pictures when we return.

The interesting aspect of our family is that we are five people with very distinct personalities and all of us are pretty headstrong – so our journey might get a bit crazy at times, but that’s when some of the best stories will come to be. I will share it all because the truth is always the best way to go.

Just read for fun and content, please. Grammar is not one of my strengths and sometimes I will just type a string of consciousness. If you have a problem with either of those – then stop reading my blog and go do something to make yourself less turd-like.


53 thoughts on “What’s our story?

  1. i love it!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Love you guys! Have an awesome adventure! And can’t wait to see you in May in Salzburg!!!!!! xoxoxox

  3. paul mougey

    We ain’t turds!

    • Hi Paul!!! Come on! I’m looking for funny comments from you. Dazzle me with your wit. I love it and miss it! love, love, love, k

  4. AWESOME.. and thank you for including me on your list of contacts. The Ortale family wish you the very best, most healthy and safe journey. We look forward to keeping up to date with you through your posts. God Bless you all.

    Donald and Sue Ortale

  5. Leif and all of the non-turd like Elsmos will be following along as you make this grand and exciting adventure with your family!

  6. Pierre Barrieu

    Ready Set, GO ! See you in Dubai.

    • Hey Pierre, Yay!!! Looking forward to it! How old is your youngest now? Last I saw him, he was teeny tiny. see you soon! k

  7. Kerri

    Yes, my dear friends….stay strong and safe and healthy! Love you guys! Can’t wait to catch up in person when you get back 🙂 the Peekes

    • Hi Kerri, So far so good! How is connecticut treating you? When we left Montreal – it was frickin’ chilly- I felt like the cold slapped me right across the face! Depending on where we all are this year – maybe we can still do our ski trip or you guys could fly out and meet us on a sandy beach somewhere and you could pretend you’re back in Cali! love, love, love! k

      • Kerri

        Hey Kimmie and the Gang! I just caught up with all your pics….you all look great! Nice and tan 😉 You just let us know where you want to meet up and we’ll get there! Love you all….XOXO

      • Kerri!!! How are you, lady? Where would you like to meet us?! You name it, we’d be happy to see familiar faces. Probably not India- I know you’re not a big fan of germs. 🙂 I slather myself with hand sanitizer from time to time. Yikes! Email me and let me know what your story is. Hi to all your boys! Love and miss you. Love!

  8. Mary Bos/Frank Giacobetti

    You guys are amazing!! Your courage, ambition, and character are truly admirable. The Marsch kids are blessed to have such great parents. We are so looking forward to tracking your journey. BTW…we miss you guys. couldn’t you make LA one of your stops?! XOXOXO Mary, Frank & the 1/2 dozen.

    • Hi Mary! I don’t know if Emerson thinks we’re such great parents- she would be happy staying in Manhattan Beach instead of traveling with us. We stopped in MB for about 23 hours on our way to HK but couldn’t see nearly as many of our friends as we wanted to – you guys included. So happy to hear from you. This journey is wild. While hiking the other day, a monkey started chasing Jesse. I haven’t seen him move that fast since his playing days! I laughed so hard!! Hope you are all well. nothing but love, kim

  9. Erin

    Love it!! Hope you guys have a great adventure.

  10. Greg Winter

    Hey Marsch Family!
    Just found out about this today from Larry. I asked why my buddy Jesse didn’t answer any text messages. No wonder….you guys are touring the whole stinkin’ world!! And I was afraid I was a “turd” or something.
    Anyway, happy belated anniversary to you guys, (my first text message), and wow! did the US stink up the place in their last exhibition v. Canada, (my last text to Jesse).

    I hope you all have a great trip!!
    Greg WInter & Family
    PS…Evan turned 18 today. They grow up so quickly. Kim, you’re smart….you’re going to enjoy all the blogging you’re doing for YEARS to come.

    • Thanks, Greg. I sent you the blog info. I must have had an old email address. We are doing great. Meeting amazing people, seeing unbelievable sights and trying different foods. Life is good! Glad you’re following the blog. Your comment made us laugh. Love! k

  11. How are things going, Marsch family?

    • Hi Donald, we are two weeks in and rockin’ it. Thanks for checking in. Hope you and the family are doing great! Love! Gosh! I feel like we’ve been gone for a months.

  12. Terri

    Hello Marsch’s! The Mosher’s have made it back to chilly Shanghai (7 degrees), a far cry from the wonderful beach weather on Lipe! Again, so great to have met you, and now we can read and look at photos of the Marsch’s 5 journey around the world!

  13. Fiona

    WOW!! This is absolutely amazing!

    Seems like you guys are having the time of your life, enjoy every minute of it!!

    “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” (John Lennon)
    Thank u so much for sharing your adventures…
    Keep dreaming big 😉

    Gros bisous de Lyon

    Fiona (the huss sister^^)

    • Fiona! Thanks for commenting and I love the Lennon quote. I will definitely be using it in a future post. What adventure are you on right now? You on a break from med school? So happy to hear from you. We are in Bangkok for 4 days, then head to Laos. We might stay with a host family or a tribe in Laos. Love! kim

  14. What an adventure you guys are on, Marsch Family.
    Stay well, stay safe, and keep us posted on your explorations.

    Donald and Sue Ortale

  15. Stephanie Arnaud

    Hi Marsch Family! Davy had coffee with Dennis today and he told him about your blog. I was so excited to take a look at your adventures. It looks like you are having an unbelievable journey! Can’t wait to keep checking in on your trip!!


    • Hi Stephanie, I sent out an email when we left with our blog info. A bunch of people didn’t get it. I sent from Hong Kong so who the heck knows what happened. Glad you enjoy it. I hope you are doing well! I think of you often and hope Montreal is treating you well! You have a wonderful family and you deserve it. Hey- have you been trapezing lately? We killed it!!! Love! k

  16. Jeff

    Love it. The photos, the quotes, the posts. You guys are the best. I’m sorry I didn’t get down to see you before you left.

    • Unkie Plunkie! I must have had an old email address for you. I’m happy you like the blog. We are having a crazy adventure! Hope all is well with you. I was thinking about your documentary the other day because I think Jesse and the boys should all get speedos! Love, love, love! k

  17. Andrea

    Hey guys! Your travels look amazing and it’s been fun to see where the next adventure takes you. Stay safe and looking forward to the next post!

    • Andrea! Emerson is missing you and figure skating! Hope you are well and keeping warm up there! I’m happy you’re checking in on us. It is a wild, fun life! Hope to see you soon. Love!

  18. The Browns

    Less-Turd-Like! Yes, that is my Kimmy! I am beyond excited to have received my email this morning. Thank you Thank you! I miss you all so much. CJ & I always talk about the good times we had in Chi-town with you all. Love seeing the photos of your beautiful faces and updated on the adventure! Envious filled with LOVE! Hugs & travel safe! XOXO The Browns

    • Browns- yes, I am still as classy as ever! You’re not even close to being a turd so no worries. 😉 We miss you guys too and our days in Chicago. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon! Love!

  19. Aiden Cvengros

    Did you write the page with code or use a program or site. This is a seriously cool website and I should know from my HTML classes.

    Rock on

    • Aiden! So happy you visited our blog. I use WordPress- it’s relatively easy once you get going with it. Thanks again for welcoming us into your home. We had a blast! Lennon says hi! Keep checking in- we’d love to keep in touch with you. Love! kim

  20. Sam George

    những gì lên!!!

    You guys are all time!! Wish we were there with you but I have to work😀

    Lot of guys get massages in Vietnam but i havent heard of any getting one from another man at the dinner table. You always were a bit more cultured than most. Lol

    Safe travels
    Sam (and Beth)

    • Sam and Beth! Hi old friends! We didn’t understand your message at first- but now we get it!!! The actual massage was a weird experience, but Jesse went with it! What is your story? Hope all your girls are great. So happy you’re checking in on our adventures. It has been wild, weird,fun… We are lucky. Take care. Love! Love! Love! kim

  21. Causey Family

    Hey guys – So excited to hear from you and this blog is absolutely FANTASTIC! The smiles, the stories, the photos, the sillies – they are priceless and I am sure the memories will last a lifetime. Enjoy your adventures as you are amazing friends who deserve the very best 🙂 Much love to all of you!

    • Yay! So great to hear from the Causeys. You are so incredible for running so early in the morning- but that is probably the best time to commune with nature! When we were on a bus a week ago- we drove past a crystal museum. I thought of you right away- I bet you would have been in heaven. I’m so happy you know what we’re doing now for the time being. It was also so great to see you this past year- it was like no time at all had passed. That must mean we’re true friends or somethin’! hee. Love! Love! Love!

  22. Tracey Nagy-Feichtner

    Thanks from Kenosha Wisconsin for sharing your story. It’s so fun to watch your adventure. Being friends with the Bakers since we were little kids, the zest for life and learning you deside is just incredible. The kids have such an awesome opportunity (as do you guys) for experiencing all of this!! I look forward to reading your posts. Be safe!!

    • TRACEY! It has been way too long. My mom told me she told your mom about the blog- I was hoping I’d hear from you. Yay! How the heck are you? We are having a crazy time. Some days better than others- but that’s part of the deal. I just got done doing an hour of wash by hand. It’s a dirty world out there. I can wash my 9 year old’s clothes and, I kid you not, he will have them dirty within the hour! He must be having fun. On a beach today listening to the waves. I think people were meant to live near the ocean- you can’t help but be happy. Maybe I’ll stay behind on a beach somewhere and braid people’s hair for money! Ha. Please tell your parents and Todd I say hi. Do you remember how scared I was of your dog, Twiggy?! How ridiculous!!!! Wishing you love and all things good! k

  23. Tracey Nagy-Feichtner

    Ha!! I do remember your fear of Twiggy and look at you now, no fears. Now I have 3 boxer dogs all over a 100 lbs each. I love seeing the pictures you post, they are incredible. I can not even imagine all of the crazy things like washingt clothes by hand….what? Continue to enjoy and be safe!! I think of you guys often. 🙂

    • Tracey- I love Boxers. Do they sleep in your bed with you? I remember you used to make Twiggy smile and it would freak me out. How silly! Most fears I had left when I made the cross-over to crazy! Yes, we wash the clothes by hand in a sink. I see women all the time washing their clothes in dirty rivers- so I’m fine with the sink! I’m happy you like the pictures. We have had a few days of seeing some really intense stuff- I will post soon. In Cambodia now- going to the oldest temple in the world tomorrow. Kids are psyched! Just kidding. So happy to hear from you. Love!

      • Tracey Nagy-Feichtner

        I can understand crazy….really!! It’s a life style. My boxer boys sleep wherever they want…they rule the house!! It’s so fun watching your adventure. Stay safe!! I will continue to check in with you guys :-). Wishing you the best!! Tracey

      • Tracey- “it’s a lifestyle.” I love the way you put that. Was telling the kids yesterday about how hard we would laugh when our moms and us would get together. On this trip, we’ve had lots of ‘laugh till you cry’ moments. They are the BEST! Love!

        Sent from my iPad

  24. Becky Quinn

    What an AMAZING adventure!!! You are giving your kids so many wonderful memories in such a short time! I love how you are documenting everything, it is going to be so fun to look back in 5, 10, 20 years at your journey! Not many people get the opportunity to do what you are doing….enjoy every minute!!! Keep in touch!!

    • Becky! I swear on all that is holy I saw a carrot at a market a few days ago and thought of your mom saying “a stick with a carrot on the end of it” when she wanted you to practice the piano and we laughed so hard. So silly and stupid- but a great memory! I am happy you’re checking in on us! Life was crazy and a big door opened up and we decided to go down a wild path. We are loving it, but it isn’t always easy. Hope you are well. We should plan a get together some time real soon. Love!

      Sent from my iPad

      • Becky Quinn

        Hi Kim! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My sister and her family came out to visit for Spring Break and just left!!! Entertaining can be soooo tiring!!! You are so funny….I can’t believe you remember the stick with the carrot on the end!!! 🙂 Definitely great memories!! I would love to get together soon!! When does your adventure come to an end?

      • Becky- no worries. Hope your sister and family are doing great! Oh, I remember a lot from ‘back in the day!’ We were (still are?) weirdos, my friend! We don’t know when our adventure will come to an end yet- I will keep you posted and we’ll figure out a meeting point. Love!

        Sent from my iPad

  25. Sarah,Andy,Adam,Abby

    We love following your adventures! Its terrific! We see new things from around the world with your pictures. Happy Easter! Love you all!

    • Hi Sarah, Andy, Adam and Abby- so great to hear from you! We were talking about Adam and Abby and Bloody Mary the other day! How are you all doing? I’m so happy you are liking the blog. We leave for India tomorrow (but our visas haven’t come in yet.) keeping our fingers crossed. If plans change we’ll just have to go with it. Has spring arrived by you guys yet? Looking forward to lots of playing together (hopefully in the summer!) Love!

  26. dawn cuadra

    Hi guys, I don’t know if you remember me. I’m Barbs cousin, Dawn. Cathy-Lynn told me about your trip you all are taking. Love reading all about it. Stay safe God Bless Cousin Dawn

  27. Mark Liyeos

    I keep checking the site and continue to be amazed at the world you are all seeing that is so different from North America.
    Curious if you know when you’re coming back.
    And are you running out of pages in your passport books?

    • Mark! We are running out of pages in our passports, but we’ll be ok. We do not know when we’ll be back. We’re just goin’ with the flow, baby! I’m going to post some India photos soon that are freaky deaky! How is Baby? You guys sleeping at all? Love!

      Sent from my iPad

  28. Steve DuBois

    I read today that Beckham is retiring and it made me think of Jesse :). Amazing trip & blog, cant wait to hear more about it when you get back.

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