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“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope…” ― Jean Houston

While in London, we stayed with my amazing, wonderful, loving, effervescent friend Samuel and his partner David. They welcomed us with open arms and tons of love and lots of laughing. Samuel and I met while working at a rehabilitation high school in Chicago. We became fast friends -he continues to be one of my best friends to this day. He is silly and gross and is never afraid to speak his mind- he’s perfect for me!


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Room of casts at the V&A

At the Victoria & Albert Museum they had lots of casts of historical sculptures, crypts and monuments. It is as close to the real deal as you can get if you can’t travel to see the real thing. Most were formed in the 19th century. We liked the soldier crypts a lot and the humongous pillars.




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Check out our fire dancer and British soldier


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I can’t pass up trying on costumes! We had so much fun with these!

The tall fella’ in yellow (Samuel) is one of my best friends. He loves to play and have fun with us!


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This might be the tallest juicer we’ve ever seen!


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Lennon took some pics of Shiva and some big swords

We bought a Shiva statue (a bit smaller than this one) while we were in India. Love it!



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Padding around the fountain at the Victoria & Albert Museum

I saw a sign with all the rules of what not to do, but it did say you could go “padding” through the fountain… so we did! I had never seen the word padding before- it’s kind of cute.


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Why does the phone booth smell like pee?!


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An exquisite ballerina costume. Love it!!! Wish I could have tried it on!


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Look closely! Those are little hands. Funky!


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