We needed coffee badly on a long drive so we caved….

We were in desperate need of coffee on a long drive so we had to go to McDonalds. They gave us these cute little cups of espresso and they were good and strong. We thought of Poppy- he would have been in heaven since he loves coffee and McDonalds!


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Poverty is everywhere


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A village built into a mountain near Barcelona

We drove right up to this village from the highway. The kids thought it was pretty cool so Emerson took some photos.




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Gaudi Works of Art- math, nature, architecture…

Gaudi, the guy who designed the amazing Sagrada Familia in Barcelona also designed some other buildings in the city which are impressive, as well. They are so interesting. Jesse and I stood and stared at them until the kids complained too much.



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Freaky looking mountain range in Spain

Montserrat Muntanya De Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain located in Barcelona. Some say it resembles fingers pointing up to the heavens. A wooden sculpture was found there – it is called The Virgin or “la Moreneta” (the Black Girl) for her black color. The sculpture is from the end of of the seventh century. The color is due to the transformation of the varnish over the years. A monastery was built on the mountain along with a number if churches and chapels.
The photo I took isn’t that great, but as we were driving by – it shot up out of nowhere and we all said “Wow!!!”

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Love this! I saw it while passing a gallery


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Big, beautiful fruit and veggie market in Barcelona



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And we’re walking and we’re walking and we’re walking…..






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Interesting things we saw while walking the streets of Barcelona




20130615-230232.jpg This thing was kind of strange, kind of amazing. It was a big glass cube with water cascading down the sides. Inside looked like a shipwreck with a chair, a big desk and some sail/masts going through the middle.

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On being a bubble….

“Two bubbles found they had rainbows on their curves.
They flickered out saying:
‘It was worth being a bubble, just to have held a rainbow for thirty seconds.'” -carl sandburg


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