Our Delhi Hotel

This is our view from the hotel in Delhi. Pretty swanky, huh? The other picture is of a mouse poop Emerson found while pulling up the sheets!
I had asked them to bring us a cot because we only had a queen size bed for all of us. He brought up an old dirty comforter and put a sheet on it, waved his hand fancily and said, “as you wish.” Emme shot me a quick glance and we tried so hard not to laugh. Luckily, we were so tired and knew we only had two nights there- it was all good. We did make sure we spent a majority of time NOT in the hotel!


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For the Fixman Boys!

We were driving down a street when Emerson started yelling at me to get the camera out to take a picture for the Fixman boys. Turns out, they have a “kaka” shop in Thailand and, no, JJ- we did not go in! Always thinking of you guys! Wishing you lots of love and all things silly!


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The Atlanta doesn’t mess around with their rules or their signs!

There were many signs around this hotel stating all of their rules. Some were funny and some were downright rude. I took pictures of a few but stopped when the front desk lady gave me a dirty look.





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The Atlanta in Bangkok- back to BK to take a plane to India!

Jesse and I stayed in The Atlanta hotel in Bangkok back in 2000. It looked exactly the same. It is a bare bones hotel. The rooms are like a dorm room with a toilet and small shower in the room. There is no tv, fridge, etc- just beds and a couple towels which is pretty much all you need anyways. The lobby and the pool is what, I think, is remarkable. It hasn’t been changed since the early ’50s. It’s like walking into a time warp. They have the old fashion telephone operator wall where they plug into different lines. They have beautiful old desks and a spiral staircase.
In one display case are books that have been written about famous guests who have stayed at the hotel. A couple of the books have letters from the authors accompanying them stating that they started writing their novels while lounging poolside at The Atlanta.
It was quite a swanky place back in the day. It had the first pool in all of Thailand and the first kiddie pool. It also had the very first movie screen – which was super impressive at the time since there wasn’t a single television yet in all of the country!
We all loved jumping/diving off the rock wall and were contemplating jumping off the roof- but decided against being obnoxious.






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Pong duat geyser and hot spring

They aren’t kidding about the hot springs being hot. Just to sit in for a few minutes, I kept chanting ‘Mind over matter. Mind over matter!’ Whew! The geyser reached heights of about 6 feet- nothing too crazy but beautiful just the same.



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Mini! Jesse saw this dog at a car rental place

He said we had to go back and see her. She looks just like our dog, Kiko, but she is smaller! Hard to believe. Although we haven’t seen Kiko in a while and Grammy and Grampy night have fattened her up by now. We may go back to a little chublet!
The first time we went to visit Mini- we sat and played with her for a long time. The kids would lay down and she’d jump up on their chests. She loved burying her face in Lennon’s curls, then biting them! We didn’t have a camera, so we asked Jesse to walk down later and take a photo (which he did.) Later on in the day- Em and I were packing up and the boys ran out to get some fruit shakes. They stopped by one more time to hang with Mini. Smallest dog I’ve ever seen and such a sweetheart.
If while reading this- any rat comments come to mind- I hope you know you just earned some bad karma points! ha




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The night market in Pai

You could get fresh fruit shakes for under a dollar, pancakes with chocolate, pad thai… It was so cheap and good- we ate so much our stomachs were huge! There was also entertainment. A teenage boy had set out a boom box – he had moves we have never seen before! Wow. There were also dogs wandering about that looked like mutations between ewoks and wiener dogs.
This town was quaint and sloooooow! Sometimes we need that.


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No, Maddux didn’t open his own pizza joint!

One of Maddux’s nicknames is Mad Dog, so we couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity.


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Pai Canyon

You slip- you’re done! I was a teense bit nervous about the kids walking around on this canyon with incredible steep cliffs on both sides! But we did it and it was a perfect hike- a little bit dangerous but fun!




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Fill ‘er up, sir!

This picture was taken at a gas station near Pai. We were looking for a gas station for some time. We stopped at one place to pick up a bottle (sometimes they put gasoline in large bottles.) The woman laughed and said ‘no, not for car!’ It was moonshine.


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