Lindsay sent us some photos from Cairo (none of her, though!)





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Photos from Jesse’s last minute sightseeing in Egypt

The kids snuck in a much needed nap, I posted to the blog and Jesse went around town to see some more sights. It truly is an amazing place. The people seem very proud of their culture, but when you get to the touristy areas- as in other places we have visited- you really need to hold your own. Most of the time, we had friends to help us navigate the craziness. I would highly recommend going there for the pyramids alone- they really did take my breath away and we find ourselves talking about them still.





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On the Nile – we were taking a stroll before dinner


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In the car, you forget you’re in the middle of the desert…

Sometimes you forget you’re in a desert, then you see sand all over the highways. Egypt is surreal. We really liked it.



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An Egyptian boat that was found made only of wood fit together with rope

Ancient Egyptians were good at making mummies, pyramids, boats- what an impressive culture.




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You look and think “wait, how did they make these?!” They are mammoth!



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We took an insane amount of pictures here. I’ll try not to over-do it!





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Driving to Zak’s apartment with a killer view!

Jesse and Zak know each other from their time as assistant coaches with the US national team. Zak was the goalie coach and he is originally from Egypt. He now works for the Egyptian national team with Bob Bradley.
We saw some incredible sights just heading to his place- the woman with the cart and the truck full of baskets. When we got to Zak’s place, we were blown away by his view of the pyramids. We all went “Wow!!!!”




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Fashion goes out the window when you’re walking near precious artifacts

So proud of Emerson! As the trip has progressed, she has gotten really good at “going with the flow.” I personally think if you can live like that as often as possible- life is easier.
The shoe coverings were not only unattractive, but they made our feet sweat like crazy. Yuck!
Funny shoe story from Petra, Jordan: we were looking at the “monastery” – this amazing carved cathedral type structure in the desert. Some guy that resembled Jonny Depp with the scarf, eyeliner, black outfit (the whole bit) was jumping around rock formations like crazy. Very impressive! As I was admiring his Bedouin machismo, I caught a glimpse of his footgear. He was wearing blindingly white, 3 inch thick, orthopedic looking fitness shoes. Oh man! He totally ruined my image of a local Jordanian riding around all sexy on a horse. I wanted to tell him to lose the shoes so he could pull in the ladies- but I figure he was doing just fine without any advice from me. When we were leaving, some Western women were having their photos taken with him- I noticed he stood behind them -possibly to hide his platforms. Too funny.


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Friends in Egypt- Zakky, Walid and Hanny




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