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These were taken at a beach in Singapore (Sentosa)
I felt like Jimmy Buffett at this beach after I blew out my flip-flops. I know- that is a horrible joke, but I’m sitting under a palm tree listening to Imagine by John Lennon and laughing out loud by myself. Life is real good right now! (And it is true- those flip flops are no longer on our journey.)

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Jim and Kathy! You guys rock!

Our landlords (neighbors/buddies) Phil and Fran in manhattan beach hooked us up with their friends in Singapore. What incredible people! It was so fun to sit and talk with friendly people who have seen so much of the world. It was like we had been friends for a long time. No surprise they were so easy going, funny and generous because that’s how Fran and Phil are. Jesse would like to point out that phil is funny and generous but is only easy going after a few brewdogs!
Our phone wasn’t working so well so communicating with them was tough. We all made it happen though, so I think it was meant to be!

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There is no shortage of temples in Singapore!



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Chinatown in Singapore. Beautiful.



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Buddhist Tooth Temple in Chinatown


There were monks singing and playing instruments here. There is a huge shrine to what people believe to be one of Buddha’s teeth. It rests on a tiny pillow in a golden pagoda type structure behind thick glass. You have to take your shoes off to enter. You need to be quiet and not take pictures. It was hard for us to be quiet, but we did it!

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Singapore at Night and waiting for another train!



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Hawker Station

The food at these places is killer! You can get any kind of food you want. It is authentic and cheap. Jesse did order some laksa the other day that wasn’t so yummy, though. Maddux said “your food smells like Ripley (our doggy friend from Hong Kong.)” Someone else chimed in with “yeah, like Ripley’s butt.” No offense to Ripley’s hygiene but, man, it was stinky. Jesse only had one bite, but gave the lady a big tip because he didn’t want to offend her.


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School Time

Doesn’t Maddux look psyched?!

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Waiting For A Train. We do this often.


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This is how we roll.


In Singapore, we stayed in a one room hut with two bunk beds. We had to walk to the luxury toilet which was pretty much a hole in the ground. There usually wasn’t toilet paper, but there was a hose that you could fashion into a bidet (sp?) Thank you mom and dad for taking jeff and me camping a lot when we were young. hee

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