Heading to Dubai!!!!



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Weird story about this guy

When we lived in Chicago – a friend told me about a meditation center I should check out so I could learn to relax. I only went to a few meetings and I never did learn how to meditate, but the group leader talked a lot about a man named Sri Chinmoy who devoted his life to peace. On my last day, I told the the guy that I was done with the classes and he said, “Some day, I know you will meet Sri Chinmoy.” I said, “Alrighty!” (I didn’t want to be rude, but sensed he was really into being cool and new age-y.) Fast forward to Nepal. We were walking around a park when I came across this statue. It was Sri Chinmoy. I didn’t ‘technically’ meet him, but it was fun to see the statue just the same.
Amazing Tibetan music was playing through loudspeakers as we were taking in the Himalayas- so surreal.


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Pack in tight, grab a puke bag and we’re off!


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Fun conversation and beautiful mountains! Life is good!


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So nice to hang out with other kids!


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Strolling with friends. The views and the fresh air were incredible!



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The Himalayas. The view is a bit hazy, but ‘ll take it!




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The Cvengros Family!!!! Our buddies from Myanmar

This is the family who opened their home to us when we visited Myanmar (Burma.) They had been planning a trip to Nepal, so we made sure our paths crossed again. Super fun family- we had a great time with them and we got to catch a glimpse of the Himalayas together!


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Emerson with one of our Myanmar friends, Bella!


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Maddux was the master of the Tibetan Singing Bowl


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