Working on Sight Words with Michael

Another stopover in Bangkok to catch an overnight train to Hanoi, Vietnam. We saw Michael one last time before he heads back to Chicago.
Good times, Michael! Nothing but love! Take care.
Lennon wanted me to tell you to be ready for an UNO showdown next time you see each other!

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Jesse, Michael and Joe

We had an afternoon to chill out before our flight to Burma so we went to our buddy Michael’s hotel and hung with with him and his good friend Joe. The kids went swimming, we had lunch and Joe made fun of Michael for a majority of the time (they’ve been friends since college so there was lots of funny banter.) We had a great, relaxing afternoon with them then took off for the airport!
We might swing through Bangkok one last time before Vietnam- so maybe our paths will cross again Michael! Safe travels. Love!

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On Train to Bangkok before Myanmar

We had to get to Bangkok to catch a flight to Myanmar. We took a quick train ride then a 13 hour overnight train. Piece of cake! We’re like old pros on the train. There was a guy with a baby who wouldn’t leave us alone, though. I think he felt that if we touched his baby- it was good luck or something. Every time we walked passed him or made eye contact- he would wave us over. The kids were really good about it, but we were all tired and I think the baby was over it, too! hee


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Bon Appetit!



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Views from the canal



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“Among these whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can. All of them make me laugh.” -w.h. auden


SO much fun Seidels! We love you guys and are so happy we got to hang in Bangkok together! Shine on, my friends!

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Bored at the market- so decided to climb a pole.


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Spices at the Floating Market


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Floating Market

I didn’t really understand how this worked until I saw it. There are some shops you have to get to by boat, but mostly the boats come to you. They float their boat over to the side and see if anyone wants to buy anything. You tell them what you want and they put it in a wire basket attached to a long pole to get it to you. You take your item, put cash in the basket and that’s that. If you stand back and observe for awhile, you’ll see that there is definitely a method to the madness with boats constantly coming and going. I loved watching women that looked like they were well into their 90s squatting on their boat, selling their stuff and rowing over to stop and chat with friends along the way.










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Tight walkway through the Train Market


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