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I loved this statue.


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Oops! Last one of Hong Kong. Light show Extravaganza!


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Hong Kong Never Sleeps!


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Jade Market and All-U-Can Eat Japanese


We walked through a really cool area called Jade Market where every shopkeeper came up to the kids and wanted them to buy an animal that represented the year they were born for the Chinese (lunar) new year. Our friend told us to not make eye contact- which was really hard for me. I talk to anybody who even pretends like they’re listening. We then went to an all-u-can eat Japanese restaurant. It was so crazy. You sit down and they give you tons of little slips of paper. You write down what you want, then they start a timer. You can order as much as you want, but you have to be done in one hour. We killed it! Lennon and Maddux both fell asleep. Talk about a food coma!

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Ruins near Monkey Hill


There were lots of old concrete chairs and altars along the sides of the walking path. At some point, there was an elaborate system of paths, steps and places to worship someone or some thing. (?)

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Monkey Hill


This place was so fun. There were monkeys everywhere. They were roaming around freely and would get pretty aggressive. Some guy was feeding them (which is not a good idea.) When he stopped- the monkey slapped him – awesome! Jesse was telling the kids not to be scared but when a monkey showed his teeth to him, he sidestepped faster than a tap dancer. I laughed for about an hour. We went on a long hike and a monkey was sitting in the middle of the path staring at us. I told the kids to just strut on by and pretend like it’s no big deal. A minute later, we were all hanging from trees on the side of the path- not like the monkey couldn’t climb or anything! Ahhh! Good times!

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You can call me Forest Gump.




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We have some serious UNO addicts in this family.


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Ferry to Kowloon Bay

We took a ferry to Kowloon which is a crazy busy city. The people who live there seem to love to shop, but since we weren’t looking for any Jimmy Choos today we decided to look for a place to get a pizza since we were overdosing on rice. We finally found a place- walked up the stairs and realized we were walking on bits of cement. They were demolishing our beacon of hope so we ended up eating at McDonald’s…. Just kidding! We ate at a restaurant where there was a funky smell that was making everyone in the place have a coughing fit. Weird but very funny.


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View of Hong Kong on Perfect Day!

We took a tram up to an amazing viewpoint to see all of HK. It was kind of chilly but the kids and I couldn’t pass up having some frozen yogurt!


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