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Train Market

There is a market situated on railroad tracks. If you hear a special bell ring, you need to move quickly because a train is coming through. The market was right up Alex’s alley being a chef, as well as an adventurous food tryer outer- but the kids and I were kind of over it soon after we began. There were lots of dead things and squishy meats with flies buzzing all around. I’m sure wonderful dishes can be made from this stuff, but first you have to get over the smells.
Jesse took lots of pictures!

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Did you know that in some parts of Asia, they actually use crepe paper as toilet paper?

Sometimes I don’t know whether to use the toilet or decorate for prom! hee

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Ready for some fishing on the Mekong.



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Slap-happiness takes over!




We have moments where the stupidest thing seems like the funniest thing in the world. These bottle caps provided at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted laughter. The table next to us just didn’t get it. Bummer for them. hee

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At the floating market

This was organized chaos at it’s best. Boats coming and going, people yelling at you to try things, buy things! I could have stood in one place for a few hours and just taken in the whole scene.

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Don’t forget to read my responses to your comments! To find them, go to the original post you replied to.

Some people have said they didn’t hear back from me when they commented. I try to respond to most- I think they get attached to the post the original message was put on. Rest assured, I’m much better with this blog than I am with communicating on the phone!

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Before and After – Jesse and Michael

So Alex and Melissa were going out to dinner and invited Jesse. He didn’t want to go out to a nice place in the sweaty clothes he had been wearing all day. Enter Michael, stopping at the hotel to say hello, but being accosted by Jesse for his pants and shoes. It just so happened the pants matched perfectly with Jesse’s shirt and everything fit! Yay Michael!
He also helped me and the kids get safely back to our hotel since he was going in that direction. Great to see you, bud. will hopefully see you on our way back through Bangkok!



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Cute, but weird.

At a market we went to in Bangkok, they had tons and tons of puppies. Animals crawling all over each other in the heat. Some were in AC cubicles, but Melissa and I were still freaking out. Some of these puppies were just days old. It was kind of creepy. There were also lots of mice, crickets, snakes, kittens and fish with huge things on their heads that looked like brains coming out. The kids called them brainfish. We kind of wanted to get out of the area as quickly as possible- it smelled like a really hot port-a-potty. PU!


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Random photos



We love pools and art. Art is everywhere you look here- paintings, old Buddhas, statues, a huge shark in the middle of a mall…

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Yay! A bathtub at alex and melissa’s hotel. Thank you!




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