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Cheap, Yummy Sushi

Ok, so this sushi doesn’t come close to Antonio Park’s restaurant in Montreal, but the conveyor belt was really cool! You just grab whatever you want. The plates are each a certain color that determines the price. Our waiter was super nice and their bathroom actually had a toilet seat and toilet paper! Yay! It’s the little things…

Photo credits: Emerson

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Petronas Twin Towers Pics


Below is the Menara Communications Tower


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Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur- Jesse has always wanted to see these. Yay! Another check mark on the bucket list!


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An Imam at the Mosque

We met an incredible man at the mosque. he was an Imam. He talked to us for at least 45 minutes about the Islamic faith. He taught us so much. He said that not many Americans visit the mosque, but he would like them to so he can help educate people about Muslims. Sometimes what we see on our news stations might be a bit different or skewed from the truth. I went to shake his hand, but he reminded me that he could not touch me.


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Visiting a Mosque

I had to wear the garb because Muslim women are supposed to resemble the Virgin Mary. Women must cover their hair and not let skin show. Some women only have their eyes showing. A woman can be touched by her mom, dad, siblings, husband and children but no one else. The double kiss, hugging, even shaking hands is a no-no. While we were at the mosque, a couple was getting married. They were sitting on fancy pillows in the middle of friends and family. A man was officiating and two other men who had to be righteous and at peace with their God spoke up in favor of the couple tying the knot. After the ceremony, a special card is made with a picture of the couple so they can legally check into hotel rooms together. They must have proof that they are husband and wife.
Jesse is wearing the garb because they said his shorts were too short and they were at his knee!

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Mosque in Kuala Lumpur


This was a mosque we went to that holds up to 15,000 people for worship. During their services, the place is packed.

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“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -c. swindoll

Rough start in KL but we’re back in action. Thanks, Dad, for helping us with computer issues! Huge help!
This is a picture of a KL market place. It was bit scary at first. Lots of people yelling at us in different languages and lots of men telling maddux that he is a handsome boy.


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