Our Cheerleaders!


We went out to dinner one night with our good friends, Baerbel and John Huss. Little did they know they would be co-facilitating a couple’s therapy session for us. 🙂 They helped us come to the conclusion that we we both really wanted to travel the world with our kids. Their positive energy and amazing insight (they’ve been all over the world with their four kids) were so inspirational. We love you and thank you. Merci and vielen dank!


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2 thoughts on “Our Cheerleaders!

  1. Baerbel Huss

    After having consulted with our lawyer, we herewith officially decline any responsibility and solemnly vow that we did exerce neither pressure nor uncommon means to make this trip happen. The marschmadness is the simple yet complex result of friendly, frenzy and fruitful discussions around the dinner table :))
    Have fun guys ! Big hug to all , Bb&John

    • Bb, I agree, but don’t worry…the only way we’re going to sue you is if we run out of money while on our travels. Ha! nothing but love, k

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