We have some serious UNO addicts in this family.


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8 thoughts on “UNO, UNO, UNO!

  1. Erin

    I love Lennon’s big smile!!

    • What? No puzzle building today? You look like you want to win Jesse. Grammy loves the red color on the bubble chairs by the way. Have fun…Love Grampy

      • Hi Deddy! The Skylanders puzzle is still in action. I think we’ve only lost two pieces. We’ll have to take a picture of what that thing looks like by the end of our journey! So happy you’re following the blog and commenting! I love you lots! Mom would love how colorful Asia is. Please give kiko a big kiss. Love! kb

  2. Francine

    Lennon must be winning.

    • Fran! How can you tell!? πŸ™‚ thank you SO much for getting us in contact with Jim and Kathy. Wow! What amazing people. I will soon post a picture we took with them last night. Hope you guys are well! How is our neighbor craig doing these days? Love! k

  3. paul mougey

    Dig the clothesline. Is that the new flyby?!

  4. Whoa! Jesse has a serious volume issue going on here…

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