JJ’s Goodbye Letter

Our superfun neighbor, JJ, wrote this letter to us before we left on our adventures! I carry it with me in my backpack. There’s a lot of love in that letter! Hi Fixman Boys! We think of you every day. How did you guys like the lizard and peacock pictures? Love!

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2 thoughts on “JJ’s Goodbye Letter

  1. Jeff Fixman

    Hi Marsch’s – Jeff here. The kids haven’t seen the most recent pics yet, but I think JJ will be over the moon. Pictures of lizards and his letter…nothing coulod make him happier. We miss you guys like crazy. Not a day goes by that we don’t mention you guys. We are so happy you are enjoying yourselves so much. Best part of the pics is that I haven’t seen that ugly green shirt Jesse loves. Probably a good idea to keep it out of view of the camera, it may crack the lens. Travel safe and I will be sure to show the pics to the kids later and they will post a message as well. Also, let’s try and organize a time to skype so we can catch up face to face.
    Hugs and kisses,

    • J- jesse just took out that shirt a couple days ago for its ‘debut.’ he rocked it! We’ll look for a matching one for you! k

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