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We have some serious UNO addicts in this family.


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Ferry to Kowloon Bay

We took a ferry to Kowloon which is a crazy busy city. The people who live there seem to love to shop, but since we weren’t looking for any Jimmy Choos today we decided to look for a place to get a pizza since we were overdosing on rice. We finally found a place- walked up the stairs and realized we were walking on bits of cement. They were demolishing our beacon of hope so we ended up eating at McDonald’s…. Just kidding! We ate at a restaurant where there was a funky smell that was making everyone in the place have a coughing fit. Weird but very funny.


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View of Hong Kong on Perfect Day!

We took a tram up to an amazing viewpoint to see all of HK. It was kind of chilly but the kids and I couldn’t pass up having some frozen yogurt!


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Bubble Chairs

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So tired…

So tired...

I found this picture on our camera while scrolling through photos this morning. Clinton must have found us to be a funny sight. Last I remembered -I was reading, Jesse was researching India and the kids were talking about their day. 🙂


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Takin’ a break.

Takin' a break.


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Clinton, Jesse, Augustus & Ripley

Clinton, Jesse, Augustus & Ripley

The dogs wanted to lead the way, but they had to contend with Lennon since he always wants be first!


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Lennon mapping out our hike!

Lennon mapping out our hike!

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“If you’re not living on the edge – you’re taking up too much space.” -anonymous

We hiked Dragon’s Tail today with our friends, Clinton, Roni, Augustus and Ripley. It was beautiful. In total, it took us about 3 hours. We ended up at a place called Big Wave Bay where there were only tiny waves in sight. Still, the surfers were out there in droves waiting.
Everyone was famished so we stopped at a restaurant and ordered way too much food. It was good, but so spicy that the kids and I could hardly eat it. Cleared out our sinuses, though!

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I’m trying to sleep but I can’t! Ripley’s snoring is so loud! :)

I'm trying to sleep but I can't! Ripley's snoring is so loud! :)

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