At the floating market

This was organized chaos at it’s best. Boats coming and going, people yelling at you to try things, buy things! I could have stood in one place for a few hours and just taken in the whole scene.

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4 thoughts on “At the floating market

  1. Beth Plunkett

    Such a beautiful – and adventurous!! – family. Treasure this time in your lives . . . and swing by St. Louis! It’s a natural after Singapore.


    • Beth! So happy to hear from you. We will consider St. Louis- if the people are anything like you and Jeff it must be a happy place to live. Hope all is well and thanks for commenting! Love!

  2. Renee Billman

    What an adventure you all are having. I’m just a little jealous.
    . Grandma is doing a good Job of walking your puppy. Safe travels.
    Love, Fred and Renee

    • Renee, I am happy to hear my mom is doing such a good job- I was afraid we’d come back to a very chubby Kiko! Glad you are checking in on our travels. Today we explored temples in Myanmar (Burma). We’re taking a break at a pool because it is hot here! I hear the temples at sunset are magnificent- so we’ll regroup and head out soon. Next stop- Vietnam. Love!

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