You can’t help but compare the two cities when you come straight from Hong Kong to Singapore. Hong Kong slaps you in the face with culture shock and the energy of the city is literally electric. However, Singapore amazes because of its beauty combined with its technology. The Marina Sands Hotel has 3 towers with a “boat” on top of it. It looks like its going to fall over, which is why we are holding it up…

People here say that Singapore wants to be Hong Kong, but I think it has a lot to be proud of. You can’t spit, chew gum, litter, and you definitely don’t want to do drugs here(10 Australian tourists were executed some years back for bringing heroin.) But, the cleanliness, kindness, multiculturalism, order, technology, and heat are enough to marvel at.

Here we are defiantly spitting by the symbol of Singapore!(Not really) The Merlion is a blend of a mermaid and a lion. Singapore translates to “lion city.” The story goes that Colonel Raffles of the British Royal Navy was looking for a seaway to connect Malaysia and Indonesia. He sailed past the island of Singapore and saw a lion on its shores. He took that as a good omen and settled here. The mermaid part of the Merlion represents the great fishing in the region. A little strange but cool nonetheless.

By the by, I did inadvertently spit once and no one arrested me!

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5 thoughts on “Wow…Singapore!

  1. Of course you inadvertently spit! 🙂

    • Antie Allie!!!! Allie Boom-by-yay! How’s my little pregnant lady friend doing?!?! Rockin’ it I am sure. You’re one of the toughest cookies I know! Jesse wrote a few entires and that was one of them. You know how I love rules so I would never spit in Singapore or chew gum! Psych! I had a chewed piece stuck on the inside of my cheek just to defy authority! hee. Just kidding. I’m weird, but not that weird. Love! k

  2. Ha ha! I’ve written you a couple of emails… not sure if you are checking? If not, then check quick because I just sent you a pic of the 30-week baby bump! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!!!!!

  3. Great pictures!

    • Adam! How are you guys? We really miss our little buddy Addison and both of you. Hope you are doing great! Love your comments. Jesse had no interest in the fish spa thing- although he had joke after joke about my feet because the fish loved them so much. You can only imagine what I had to endure! Rock on, my friends! Love! P.S. where are you guys in DC?

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