Next stop… Penang

After a cray-cray (I stold that from my friend Elizabeth) bus trip we finally arrived in Penang. We got on a bus around 11 that was supposed to leave at 10:20. Twenty minutes into the journey – some one gets on at the front of the bus shoo-ing us off and yelling “Penang, off!” “Go yellow.” What!? We went to a place where people were on walkie talkies and had lots of money that they were waving around. Jesse said “penang.” They pointed to an area for us to wait. We waited for about ten minutes, took our packs off and all of a sudden people start yelling “Penang, Penang!” at us and pointing at us to go to a bus around the corner. Basically, this same scenario happened two or three more times. One time, the kids and I had to go to the bathroom. Bus driver held up two fingers signifying two minutes. We ran like crazy, people are yelling everywhere. It’s like no one has a volume control. We get to the toilets and the guy says we need to pay him. We run back to the bus to get money from Jesse and run back to the restroom. Guy says it’s not enough but waves his arm to go in anyway. Yay!
When we finally get to our apartment, we go right to a green algae laden pool and find this sign:


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