Swimming Hole in KL & Hike to Waterfall

Khana took us to a waterfall/swimming hole area that was fun to see. Kids must flock their after school on their motorbikes. While we were hiking back to it, we saw lots of monkeys. One had her little baby on her back and there were two younger ones that were small but definitely holding their own! At a zoo in Hong Kong we sat for quite a few minutes watching a young monkey negotiate with his mom to let him climb higher on the fence. She wasn’t having it and kept pulling at his legs and tail. He wouldn’t give up and finally made it pretty close to the top. She turned her back on him- she was not happy, but then a few moments later she scurried up the fence, grabbed him, made him hug on to her stomach and they were safely on a tree next to dad in no time. I guess parenting can be a challenge at times for monkeys, too!




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One thought on “Swimming Hole in KL & Hike to Waterfall

  1. Kana Gurusamy

    HiJesse and the family nice to see in your website..thank u for let me to sharing me in your web..take care always N god bless u all always

    Keep in touch

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