Great Bungalow in Koh Lipe

This was pretty big for what we’ve been staying in. The bottom and top weren’t connected- you had to get out and walk up the steps. Any time Maddux and I did that- the mosquitoes had a feeding frenzy. Check out one of Maddux’s bites on his eye. Good thing we’re taking anti-malarial pills daily! Whoops. I don’t have Maddux’s mosquito bite photo uploaded yet. Stay tuned… It’s a doozy! He had an elephant ankle one day, too. Some bites just make him swell up like crazy!

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One thought on “Great Bungalow in Koh Lipe

  1. Remember when I fell over on the porch and looked like Raging Bull? You can tell Maddux that he could have been a contender and should make up a story about a bar brawl– lol

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