New Fashion Craze & Guy from Myanmar (Burma)


These colorful lanterns are everywhere and they are lit up at night. The guy holding up Lennon is Eu (pronounced like ‘you’ without using the y sound.) Nice guy. Just kind of hangs on his hammock during the day, then sets up the bar area at night. He is from Myanmar (Burma) – we are headed there soon. He said all parts of the country are beautiful and if the people are as nice as him, we will be welcomed. Myanmar recently opened their borders to foreigners. We are looking forward to seeing people who live very simple lives. It was no small feat for Jesse to obtain visas for all of us, but we all got ’em! He had to go to their embassy in Singapore and speak to the ambassador who had the power to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay.’ Then he had to fill out a whole lot of paperwork, leave some photos and our passports, then travel back the next day to pick them up. Whew!

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