La coocarochas, foreign hospitals and smells…

~We went to the hospital in koh lanta to get Em’s second round of rabies shots. It was trippy. The nurses wear uniforms that were worn in the US in the 1950’s, complete with the little cardboard looking headpieces. We got there early and were asked to fill out some paperwork (no computer system available.) We filled out the papers, then someone asked if it was a monkey bite or a dog. A monkey bite would have made for a better story, but the truth is- it was a dog. The nurse told us to go to window #8 to buy the medication. We went to #8, showed the woman a paper and she told us to go the the window labeled with an ‘H.’ We had to pay in cash at H, head back to #8 to get the medication, then go show the nurse we were ready for the shots. Em got the shots (I had her answer random questions to keep her mind off the discomfort- didn’t work so well.) After she was done, we were sitting there waiting for the nurse to put band aids on. She said “Bye, bye. You done.” That was that. We go out to the car (that we rented for the day to drive to a waterfall) and the car was dead. So, Jesse hopped in a car of some random guy who was in the parking lot waiting for a patient in the hospital. They drove to an auto shop and about ten random houses looking for jumper cables with no luck. When you rent something or get a hotel room in a lot of these places, they keep your passport as a form of collateral. We couldn’t get in touch with the car guy! We were stranded at the hospital, needed to get the passport and catch a minivan leaving in a couple hours. Long story, longer – we hopped in the back of a guy’s taxi pickup truck (kids had a blast) and went to track down the guy who rented us the car. All’s well that ends well. We got the passport back and made the minivan departure time to head to Trang. Whew! Lennon and I even got a nap in.
~I wish this blog had a way to transmit scents. Some of the smells we have encountered have been unearthly. We went to a restaurant today in Bangkok that actually had a ‘no farting’ sign on the front door. Apparently, it must be a problem in small, hot, crowded places. Yikes. I have attached the photo. (There are other things they don’t want you bringing into or doing while you are in the restaurant. Love it.)
~A few days ago we returned to our room after a long, hot day of exploring- Lennon went under the bed to hide from Maddux. Maddux comes in and says he saw something run across the floor. Lennon thinks that Maddux is trying to trick him into coming out of his hiding spot. A few seconds later- Lennon leaps out and yells “what was that?!” A two inch long cockroach runs by me heading toward the bathroom. I jump on a bench while the kids grab the ipad to take a video. Jesse grabs a little garbage can to cover it. We were laughing and jumping around. Ah! The adrenaline rush a little creature can provide!



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4 thoughts on “La coocarochas, foreign hospitals and smells…

  1. Deborah Isacksen

    That sign is so funny! Are you staying more than a day at any of these spots? which place in Thailand have you liked the most?

    • Deborah! So happy you are checking in on us! each place is so different it is hard to pick a favorite. I loved the energy of Hong Kong and Bangkok (anything goes in that place. We didn’t want to be out with the kids past 9:00. Freaky deaky. I firmly believe “to each their own” but some stuff was getting really hard to explain to the kids! hee.) The beaches in koh lipe are sublime. We just got in to Laos today. Lots of French influence from when the French ruled here. Monks everywhere and at night the entire place seems to be lit by candles. Really beautiful. Tell Peter and Nicole we say hello! Love! k

  2. No farting! I would have been banned from the country!

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