More of Koh Lanta





I didn’t realize we took so many pictures here. One of the pictures is of the water coming in really close to the street level. Many buildings are on stilts and some restaurants have eating areas on pier-like platforms.
You can find a hammock almost anywhere. The kids were swinging in these for awhile until someone gave us a dirty look because they were trying to relax nearby and the kids’ buffoonery was getting out of control.
The little Thai girl in the picture came up to me while I was sitting with the kids on the floor. She started slapping and tickling me on the back. I turned around and took a picture and she was so excited to see it right away. My brother and I have talked a few times about how lots of kids today have immediate gratification for almost anything they want because of technology. Remember taking your film in to get developed and after waiting so long to fill up the roll, take it in, get it processed – only two or three photos were actually decent? Funny.
Lennon was loving roaming the beach and watching the sunset. He seems to have gotten bigger in the almost month we’ve been traveling!

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2 thoughts on “More of Koh Lanta

  1. Jackie

    Love the pic of Emme and Mad Man with the little girl!

    • Jackie, that little girl was so happy and cute! She danced and sang and laughed at everything we did. She was wonderful company. love!

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