Tuk Tuks

A tuk tuk is like a motorcycle or three wheeler rickshaw type taxi thing. The back or side can be small or almost as big as a pickup truck to hold people. We just saw one today that was packed with so many people that all you could see were some arms, legs and backpacks smushed up. We rode on one in Koh Lanta that was built on the side of a motorcycle. I was in the very front. Usually, I love this stuff because it goes so fast and it’s loud and windy. On this one, however, the little rickety thing was weighed down heavy with our bags and I kept thinking that if a tire pops, I’m going to be the first one flung into a tree! Some of the drivers bedazzle the heck out of these things- from killer sound systems, to flashing lights and disco balls. (Trang, Thailand)

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