Jesse, Michael and Joe

We had an afternoon to chill out before our flight to Burma so we went to our buddy Michael’s hotel and hung with with him and his good friend Joe. The kids went swimming, we had lunch and Joe made fun of Michael for a majority of the time (they’ve been friends since college so there was lots of funny banter.) We had a great, relaxing afternoon with them then took off for the airport!
We might swing through Bangkok one last time before Vietnam- so maybe our paths will cross again Michael! Safe travels. Love!

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3 thoughts on “Jesse, Michael and Joe

  1. peafour

    We had no idea he was there, and think it’s so cool every time he photo pops up. So much fun.

  2. Michael Madero

    Ang….ha! That was rather conventional…wish we had one on the back of bikes weaving through Bangkok traffic on the sidewalks!
    Marsch madness is a fever pitch…THEY are everywhere and are awesome!

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