“The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends.” – unknown

I don’t know where to start here. We really can’t thank you guys enough for everything!
Mark, Kathy, Aiden, Bella, Mo, Mina and Meranda!!! You guys welcomed us into your home like we were old friends. We had such a great time with you all. Everyone walked away with a new buddy! How cool is that?! Plus, we got fattened up from Mo’s incredible food. Maddux suggested she open her own restaurant.
It was so nice to actually have a home base for awhile – and comfy beds, hot showers, killer food, good coffee and stellar company.
Lennon continues to talk about Aiden (he loved Aiden!) Emerson is so happy she got to spend time with her new friend, Bella, and actually talk to someone her own age! Maddux was happy not to be sick anymore. 🙂 Jesse and I thought Mark and Kathy were fantastic. They met while they were in the Peace Corps. What a great story!!! Plus- Mark was born in Milwaukee near our hometown of Racine. He’s a Brewers fan, too!
We were tired most of the time, but managed to hang out and laugh each night we were there.
Our paths will cross again and, hopefully, we can repay you for your generosity. Maybe we will see you in Nepal in a month or so. Who knows where the wind will take us?!?! Yay!

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2 thoughts on ““The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends.” – unknown

  1. Aiden Cvengros

    This is cool, you guys made a whole website about your adventures.

    I am jelly

  2. Mark Cvengros

    Great meeting you guys, and we love the blog! See you down the road.

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