No traffic rules in Hanoi



I have never seen traffic like this before, plus there is zero regard for people trying to cross the street. It is a total free for all. There are no lights, no stop signs- just a constant flow of bikes, cars, motorcycles, buses, taxis…It is wild. Crossing with a family of five was comical. Whenever we did it- we were all so excited, yelling “Yay! We didn’t get hit.” Ah, the little things in life!

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2 thoughts on “No traffic rules in Hanoi

  1. Terri

    Vietnam looks great! The No Traffic rules remind me of China, especially the no regard for pedestrians crossing the road! Glad you are all safe and enjoying your travels! I am officially off work now, but still no baby! Only day 2 of my Mat leave, but everyday the girls rush home to see if their baby sister has arrived 🙂 Too funny!
    Hugs from the Mosher’s!

    • Terri- I was wondering if you had Baby yet! Enjoy your maternity leave. Maybe you can have some peaceful days by yourself before she makes her debut! Scary traffic and aggressive nose pickers- ah the joys of traveling SEA. Thanks for keeping in touch! I’m sending you positive energy for a healthy, quick, poop free delivery! Love!

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