Em was attacked by a leech!

Emerson has survived a dog bite, walking through a spider web and having a nickel sized spider sitting on her forehead, stepping in a dollop of human poop and a leech attack. “What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger!”


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4 thoughts on “Em was attacked by a leech!

  1. Erin Fry

    Hi Kim and family! The Frys talk about you often and I just had a chance to review some of your posts. What an experience! Memories for a lifetime!! Keep posting and so glad to see you still have your sense of humor!!
    Miss you guys!

    • Erin and Duncan! Hi guys. So happy to hear from you. We talk about Duncan from time to time- especially when Maddux is making a weird noise or face! Hope you are enjoying being back home! Love!

  2. Deborah Isacksen

    Hi Kim! Showing Peter and Nic your pictures of Vietnam this morning and Nic saw Em’s leech picture and said a big old “EWWWWWW!” LOL. It was a good chance to teach her that leeches have been used down through the ages to heal people.

    Keep those pictures coming. What an amazing life experience for all of you.

    Glad to hear the rabies shot debacle is over. 🙂


    • Deborah- the leech thing was weird. She looked down at some point and saw a bunch of blood. She said it didn’t hurt, though, so that was good. Too bad she didn’t have something wrong with her ankle- maybe the leech would have cured it! hee. Peter is back!? Yay! Love!

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