Our favorite little guy! He was so silly!

This guy (the black one) was rescued from a hunter who had so badly damaged his hand – it was paralyzed. That didn’t slow him down one bit. As soon as we got to his cage, he started putting on a show. He swung around one handed and hung upside down. If we looked at a different monkey, he would start yelling at us- his lips would move wildly and his eyebrows would go all crazy! His lady friend (the yellowish-orange one) came over to see what was going on. She was so goofy looking that she was cute. She had a perfect little round afro.
While we were watching him, a caretaker walked by holding a baby monkey and we couldn’t take our eyes off him. All of a sudden- the monkey that was showing off knocked over and threw down his metal food bowl. Then he spread his legs and peed all over his food. What manners, fella’! I apologized if we offended him. He started yelling again so we walked away quickly. “I said good day, sir!”
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2 thoughts on “Our favorite little guy! He was so silly!

  1. Deborah Isacksen

    Well that’s a new way to get Peter and the Kids attention and off their iPhones and iPads … I’ll just knock over dinner and pee in it.

    Well played funny monkey, well played.


    • Deborah- that monkey did seem quite intelligent. The whole bowl flipping and peeing technique probably works well. Sometimes I feel that my voice must sound like the adults on Charlie Brown to Jesse and the kids. Friends in Montreal and the Midwest still trudging through winter. How is the weather by you? Love!

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