Luong, our friend in Ninh Binh

This guy was fantastic. (He is the guy whose dad drove us to the bus station in his jammies one night.) Luong is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He was so proud of his hotel- he just took it over 6 months ago and was trying to get it all fancy. He was constantly up and down- driving people places on his moped, arranging tours, taxis, etc. I wish I could have recorded his laugh and sometimes he’d get excited about something and do a little dance. If we had decided to stay and live in Ninh Binh- he’d be one of our best buddies. We were only there a couple of days, but he helped us get Em’s last rabies shot and was always giving the kids fruit, etc. When we left he was hugging us and waved to us until we drove out of sight. Wow!


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