Rest in peace Celano


Lennon found a dead butterfly about a month ago (maybe in Laos). He put it in a small container and has been carrying it around ever since. At the beach today, he needed the container to collect swirly shells so we decided to bury the butterfly. We never named him, but we found an old ice cream bar stick in the sand that said Celano. So now Celano the butterfly is buried in Vietnam. We sang a song for him and then collected more swirlys.

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2 thoughts on “Rest in peace Celano

  1. Maggie

    So so sweet:) xoxo

    • leaving a note off maggies (i think), maddux, best picture ever of you with bag on your face!! i know you’re smiling behind it. “butterfly” story precious. kids all look like they’re growing like weeds!!

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