Bike Riding in Hoi An




We are loving riding bikes whenever we can. You can usually rent them for very cheap (about a buck a day.) Maddux took a break on the day we took these pictures. He rode his own bike in Myanmar (Burma) on a treacherous road. It was rocky and dusty and his feet didn’t even come close to touching the ground. He fell so many times on the ride that we lost count, but he kept getting back on. At one point, though, after getting the bike off of his body – he stood up then threw the bike back on the ground for dramatic effect. Enough was enough!
Riding bikes around the bigger cities is challenging because cars and trucks go really fast and come so close to you. If you lose balance and wobble at all- it could get ugly. Crossing intersections is tough, too, because it’s a free for all, but so far, so good.
Incidentally, I would never want to be a passenger on my bike but Maddux seems to trust me. I’ve swerved a few times and almost lost control- he just holds on tighter and laughs. We end up making up songs as we go along.

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2 thoughts on “Bike Riding in Hoi An

  1. Michael Madero

    That a boy Maddux! Show that bike who is boss! When is Lennon getting up on his own? If his swimming is any indication, it will not be long!

    • Michael- there aren’t bikes small enough for Lennon, but thanks for the encouraging words! It sounds cold in Chicago. Bummer, dude! We’re in Cambodia now- hop on a flight! Ha. Love!

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