Brutal conditions for both sides!


Being in the tunnels, I couldn’t help but think of the people who were forced down there to survive- having to do everything under the ground in hot, stinky tunnels just hoping that they wouldn’t be bombed and collapse (which did happen at times.) People fighting during the day and trying to keep their families safe at night. Then I think of the American soldiers with their ridiculously heavy gear, combat boots, mosquitoes biting them, the heat, the unfamiliar terrain, the enemy coming from out of nowhere then disappearing into thin air, having to worry about traps, child soldiers… It is amazing the conflict went on for over 17 years.
Emerson and Maddux are asking about the politics of it all. Who made the decisions? Were the American people behind it? The effects of Agent Orange. Lots of impromptu history lessons going on all the time. The main ‘take-away’ at the end of some of these heavy days is that war is stupid! That is my wording, not the kids- they are much more eloquent than I am.

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