War Remnants Museum

Not many pictures here to post- it certainly didn’t seem right. The museum was once called something like American Atrocities Museum, but was changed to War Remnants Museum. It is heavily one-sided and anti-American. Both sides, obviously, played dirty at some point or another. The photos made everything around you disappear and get quiet. They were moving, horrible, graphic, sad, confusing… When people are put in situations where they are fighting for their lives (mentally, physically, emotionally) on a daily basis- things are bound to get ugly, in every sense of the word.
What I get from visiting these museums and sites where battles have taken place- is that war doesn’t seem to solve things. They rarely end well or happily. There is always severe, never-ending damage where not only the soldiers, but everyday citizens end up suffering for as long as they live. For both sides, that war was devastating.
While we were in the museum, people were looking at us. A couple times I had to say something to the kids (they recognize an American accent) and a few people looked at us with disdain for being American. I wanted to tell them they were missing the whole point of museums like this. We shouldn’t dislike each other just because of our nationality, religion or skin color ya’ weirdos! If we can’t live in peace and harmony, we should at least be tolerant of others so we don’t continue killing each other in wars.




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2 thoughts on “War Remnants Museum

  1. Andrea C

    I visited this same museum a few years back with my boyfriend. It was so sad to see all the effects of war. We had to take some time to digest it all afterwards to regain our spirits… So sad!

    • Andrea- you’re right. The photos at the museum felt like a punch in the stomach. Maybe after seeing these things, our kids will get into politics and make the world more peaceful! 🙂 Is spring in Montreal yet? Love!

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