Bua Tong Falls

This waterfall defies logic! The water source for Bua Tong waterfall is the Rainbow or Seven Colors Spring. The spring water contains a high amount of calcium carbonate. As the spring water cascades down the falls, the calcium is deposited on the rocks. The calcium carbonate then adds a non-slip surface to the rocks. What’s freaky is that the rocks look super slippery. It kind of plays tricks with your mind. It is, surprisingly, very easy to walk up the face of the falls without slipping.
We loved it and could have spent a whole day exploring. Not only were the falls impressive, but the forest was so green and lush. It smelled incredible! Loved it there- one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced.





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2 thoughts on “Bua Tong Falls

  1. Jackie

    So cool! Great pics of the kids as well as you and Jesse! Emme looks all grown up- I cannot believe you have been away over 2 months already. I am also glad you guys found something else for the kids to visit besides those stinkin’ temples! Xo Jackie

    • Jackie- Amen, sister! Jesse got up today and said ‘who wants to see some temples?!’ I swear I thought he was joking- he was not. The kids and I are at a pool and he left. I told him to take good pictures in case we are missing a life changing temple experience (which I doubt.) Emme has been blessed with some long gams! She does appear older in these pictures. Love!!!!

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