Mae Sa is a multi-tiered waterfall

There are ten levels and you have to hike pretty high up to get to the top. Number ten was our favorite. No one else was up there and we found a perfect spot to jump off. We walked down through parts of the waterfall and stopped at different levels for a quick dip and/or jump. You have to be careful of slippery rocks. Jesse slipped and fell with the camera bag. We didn’t ask him if he was ok- em and I just yelled “the camera! the camera!” He got out so fast and all was well! Then we laughed. If we had a camera crew with us- we could make lots of submissions to Funniest Home Videos (one of our favorite shows!)
I am not a big fan of posting pictures of me in a swimsuit- but the picture of me facing the waterfall is my new happy place! It was so loud and relentless. It felt like I was being engulfed by a water monster, but I felt peaceful. People make fun of me because places like Las Vegas make me feel calm. I have a lot of frenetic energy whirling around in my head, so when the outside environment matches the inside- it’s like nirvana!










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