A sea of humanity…

These pictures were taken on a Sunday in Delhi- everyone said it was a “quiet” day. What?! There were people everywhere! You couldn’t turn around without someone being right in your face half the time. In line, people flatten their body against you. I don’t think this is meant to be rude, they are just so accustomed to the overpopulation and overcrowding. It’s pretty trippy, but it’s fun to have the experience of being in the mix if only for a short time.




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2 thoughts on “A sea of humanity…

  1. Renee Billman

    Dear Marsch family,
    I have a friend that says ‘India is not for sissies.’ You can be proud of yourselves for always looking on the positive side of life–and, I can see it in your kids on this trip too. Really good sports. Safe travels. God bless.love, Renee and family on 3 mile.

    • Renee, not for sissies, indeed! Still loving it. The kids have their moments (we all do) but they really are troopers! Thanks for checking in. Love!

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