For the Fixman Boys!

We were driving down a street when Emerson started yelling at me to get the camera out to take a picture for the Fixman boys. Turns out, they have a “kaka” shop in Thailand and, no, JJ- we did not go in! Always thinking of you guys! Wishing you lots of love and all things silly!


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3 thoughts on “For the Fixman Boys!

  1. Jeff Fixman

    You guys are too funny! Not sure what to think that a place called “Kaka Shop” makes you think of us?!?!?!
    Things are great here and not a day goes by that the boys don’t ask wehn you are coming “home” (I try to explain to them that Montreal is not your home anymore but they choose to ignore it). Randy and I are off to Toronto for a couple of days to see Scott who is filming a movie there with Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Donald Sutherland and Ellen Burstyn. Let’s try and Skype soon. Miss you guys!!! Travel safe!

  2. Jeff

    Hi everyone, it’s JJ. I am not having fun without you. When are you coming back? Soon I hope. I feeling like pooping now that I saw the kaka shop. I miss you. Bum Bum JJ

  3. Jeff

    you are so cool we miss you so so so much :):):)

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