So far in India, I have been spit on, had a match thrown at me and been attacked by a monkey mob…

India is a rush!!!!! It’s all adrenaline all the time. Ok, maybe not that intense- but a complete attack on your senses. This place is unreal- bright colors, intense poverty, naked kids roaming around, beggars, garbage, pigs, cows, monkeys and goats in the streets…. I love it all.
I’m beginning to think, however, that they don’t dig Western women so much around here. Some kid spit on me (totally unprovoked I swear!) A guy threw a lit match at me and Maddux (weird) and when we were at an old barracks today- a mob of monkeys swarmed Lennon and me! I am not exaggerating. I picked up a stick and started waving it at them, grabbed Lennon’s hand starting yelling at the monkeys and ran as fast as I could. They had us cornered for a few minutes, but we made it! At first it was scary, then we laughed like crazy. We walked so fast to get out of there. Every time we saw a monkey after that we’d say, “Don’t make eye contact. Keep walking. Heads down!” We were freaked!
The pictures below are taken from a tuk tuk. There really are no traffic rules here and other vehicles get so close – you feel like you’re going to crash at any moment. People (even kids and the elderly) manage to make their way across the streets without anyone bothering to slow down. Whenever we cross- we start cheering! Whew!!!! It is so fun!



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