The Atlanta in Bangkok- back to BK to take a plane to India!

Jesse and I stayed in The Atlanta hotel in Bangkok back in 2000. It looked exactly the same. It is a bare bones hotel. The rooms are like a dorm room with a toilet and small shower in the room. There is no tv, fridge, etc- just beds and a couple towels which is pretty much all you need anyways. The lobby and the pool is what, I think, is remarkable. It hasn’t been changed since the early ’50s. It’s like walking into a time warp. They have the old fashion telephone operator wall where they plug into different lines. They have beautiful old desks and a spiral staircase.
In one display case are books that have been written about famous guests who have stayed at the hotel. A couple of the books have letters from the authors accompanying them stating that they started writing their novels while lounging poolside at The Atlanta.
It was quite a swanky place back in the day. It had the first pool in all of Thailand and the first kiddie pool. It also had the very first movie screen – which was super impressive at the time since there wasn’t a single television yet in all of the country!
We all loved jumping/diving off the rock wall and were contemplating jumping off the roof- but decided against being obnoxious.






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