Traffic to Jaipur. Looked like a parking lot.

They really like using their horns in India- they are some of the loudest horns we’ve ever heard.

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2 thoughts on “Traffic to Jaipur. Looked like a parking lot.

  1. Renee Billman

    Kim, you are an extraordinary writer, pouring your heart out, for your audience to hear. I was truly moved by your ramblings of today.’ The least we can do is care ‘ is a simple statement, as well as a profound one. I can only imagine how this entire experience will make each of the five of you so much more aware of our global connections. Safe travels.
    Love, Renee

    • Thanks so much Renee. Some days (weeks) are so intense! After 24 hours of travel, we are now in Nepal- much more relaxed and we desperately need it after India! Love!

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