Our trek to Monkey Temple

We hiked up to Monkey Temple. Emerson was freaked because she was sure that I was going to get attacked, get bitten, get rabies and die. She was still recovering from the monkey mob from the day before at the castle. We made it and we learned how to fight off monkeys from the woman in these pictures. She lives up at the top and is the temple caretaker. She says the monkeys drive her nuts! She has to pick up rocks to threaten them and waves her arms while screaming and growling at them. While we were talking to her, a little guy snuck up and ran away with one of Lennon’s shoes. She went running after him, he got scared and threw it down. At night there is a leopard that keeps the monkeys away- that is when she gets some peace and quiet.










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2 thoughts on “Our trek to Monkey Temple

  1. peafour

    And here I used to love monkeys — but your stories are starting to freak me out. Ha! Can’t wait to show Cole the pigs in the street and give him your message about the animals wondering around.

    • Ang- we still love monkeys, we just don’t like the ones that steal from us, bite or throw things at us! Ha! Love!

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