Sun’s going down

We ended up staying up HERE for longer than we thought- because of the monkeys and the hike. So, we watched the sun go down- then quickly descended so we wouldn’t be totally in the dark on the way back to the hotel. You have to be careful, but not paranoid. People are always telling us that foreigners should go here, don’t go there, ‘you’ll like this,’ etc. I have some good travel advice- beware of people telling you that it’s too hot for kids or the trek is too long (hard, whatever) or the hotel is not good for you, etc. A lot of the time, the person trying to ‘help’ you is actually trying to make money off of you somehow. You have to trust your gut!
We like to be on our own and figure things out by ourselves- plus that’s when the most authentic moments with local people happen. While trying to find the entrance to the pathway up- local people were running out of their houses, saying hello and pointing us in the right direction. The people echo us a lot, too. I said, “Oh my gosh!” when a bunch of goats were heading for us and my Wisconsin accent came out pretty strong. A teenage boy sitting on a big rock next to the path, kept repeating it. Funny.








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