Finishing up the Taj Mahal- long, hot day, but worth it.




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4 thoughts on “Finishing up the Taj Mahal- long, hot day, but worth it.

  1. Kelton

    Looks Awesome guys… Missing you here at 1st Place, Manhattan Beach. I’m about to head up to snag some guac and salsa from your bro at the MB Farmer’s Market!

    • Kelton! We miss our wonderful neighbors on first place. So happy to hear from you!!!! Hope you are all well. We are doin’ it, my friend, and it is crazy!!!! Love, kim

      • Kelton

        I think what you’re doing is fantastic! If Grace didn’t love her school so much (Orange County School of the Arts), we would be all over this. I know Charlie would dig traveling the globe and learning about the world and cultures by actually being there! Really cool! How do you handle the schooling? Do the kids do a home school program online for a period of the day? Keep us posted!

      • Kelton, that is so great about Grace! When she’s winning an Oscar some day- I can say “I knew her!” We do our version of homeschooling as best we can (workbooks, reading, flash cards, journaling.) It’s tough sometimes being physically and/or mentally wiped by the end of each and every day, then trying to process everything. It’s all good, though. Third world countries are big eye openers!!! We’re moving onto Dubai tomorrow. No more ‘hole in the ground’ toilets! yay! Keep checkin’ in. Love hearing from you. Please say hi to the family and Fran and Phil if you see them. How is neighbor Craig C doing? What a stellar human being! Love! kim

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