Sleep with one eye open!

On this train we had to be on high alert. These spots were the only ones they had left, so we took them. We locked our stuff together and put our feet on them. Jesse and I took turns staying awake. I was so high on adrenaline, I couldn’t sleep anyways. Every time I looked up- some guy was making eye contact with me (and not in a good way either.) I read somewhere if you smile back, they might think you are flirting, but of you are rude- they will be offended and angry. So I tried to make a face that was in between ‘Please go to sleep and have nice dreams, sir, and do not mess with my family.’ At one point, some guys got on the train saying that we were in their seats. Maddux was half laying on me so it was hard to sit up. A guy was trying to sit on my head. Jesse said, “what’s going on?” Then he helped them figure out they were in the wrong compartment. To go the the bathroom, you walked over bodies sleeping anywhere they could find a spot. I got back to my seat and someone was sitting there. I was like “come on!!!” Some parts of India (not all) are so densely populated that the people are fighting to just ‘be’ every minute of the day.
I have to add this was not Julia Roberts’ India from “Eat, Pray, Love” – the India we chose to see was gritty, raw, beautiful, confusing and spiritual.





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4 thoughts on “Sleep with one eye open!

  1. peafour


    Great photos by the way. I almost feel like I’m there.

  2. bern

    Bobby just told me about the blog… looks like you’re all having an awesome adventure. Btw, totally heard your voice saying “come on!!!”. Hilarious.

    • Bernie!!!! “We’re talkin’ crazy stuff…” remember the movie “Totally Awesome” that we watched in California? 🙂 I’ve seen it since and thought of you. I sent you an email early on regarding the blog. I sent one from Hong Kong to people, but I guess no one got it. I just thought my blog was boring! Hope you are happy and healthy. Where have you traveled to lately? Maybe if you’re out and about in the world, we could cross paths! We could use some of your photography expertise, my friend! So happy you’re checking in on us. Love! Love! Love!

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