“Purifying” (?) ourselves in the Ganges

Not the best idea but we really wanted to “bathe” in the Ganges – once in a lifetime chance. The floor of the river is spongy and slimy (not surprising) so I was kind of balancing on a rock at one point. Lennon was going out a bit too far- I turned around to pull him in when Emerson swam up to me. I slipped off the rock and accidentally swallowed a bit of water. How disgusting is that?! No worries, I thought, since my body surely had built up immunities while traveling. That was not the case. I got sick! Not just sick, but ‘oh my good golly I feel horrificly nasty sick.’ Thank goodness we had some antibiotics (thank you Dr. Munoz!!!!!) After two days of trying to work through what I thought was the flu- I took those and started feeling better immediately. Our boat rower said they call the Ganges (gan- jees) – Gonga (gong-uh) – so my on going joke is that nothing can slow me down- not even THE GONGA!!!!!!!!







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7 thoughts on ““Purifying” (?) ourselves in the Ganges

  1. peafour

    You guys are brave. And I love your attitude. Not sure I would have made my way into that water, but you are absolutely right. Once in a lifetime. (Even if you did get sick.)

  2. Mohit Agrawal

    It sure was a once in a lifetime experience and chance. There are many stories about the Ganges, which basically originates from the Himalayas…ask the google guru for more yeah, but Im sure the overall hauling experience has made you much stronger and braver, now that is something that the Holy dip in the Ganges is said to do… 😉 cheers

  3. Angela

    OKAY this post was better than the discovery channel!!! You guys are doing it ALL!! And you look great in your photos…Kim you rockin’ a six pack!!! We sure miss you all!

    • Angela!!! Yay!!!! So happy to hear from you!!!! I don’t think that is an actual six pack- but thanks. I was most likely sick, hungry or just had diarrhea or something. Ha!!!! Sometimes, my body puffs up from dehydration – no matter how much water i drink. How are you guys?!?!? We miss you. This adventure is wild stuff! Love! Love! Love, my friend!

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