River rafting near Kathmandu, Nepal

We had an absolute blast this day. Some of the rapids names were: Upset One, Upset Two, Lady’s Delight and Landslide. The kids did great- we were surprised they let Lennon go, but happy they did. We can’t wait to do it again! The helmets reminded me of the movie “Spaceballs.”





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3 thoughts on “River rafting near Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. dawn cuadra

    WOW!!! and double WOW!!!!

    • we love you Dawn!!! Happy Birthday on the 12th. Lets go rafting on the Root River. Dave & Barb. Keep it going Kb:) So much Love to you guys!!!

    • Dawn- life is good! So happy you’re still checking in on the blog! In Dubai now- it is the opposite of the places we visited in India. We went to a mall yesterday with a ski hill in it (and we’re in the middle of a desert!) The world is an amazing place. One of my parents’ messages said that your birthday is coming up- have a happy one! Love!

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