A Nincompoop Convention! Americans making a spectacle of themselves!

No! Not us this time. While at one of the many airports we’ve been to -a huge group of American tourists walked into the waiting area. Some guy (the leader?) got up and was asking if everyone knew what color group they were and to raise their hands. Then a lady walks up from behind him (leader’s helper?) and starts yelling that the red group has now been changed to the golden lotus group. There is a rumbling in the crowd and people look confused. Then the leader guy holds up a cane and says “we’re going to auction off a cane, folks. Who needs a cane?” At this point, everyone in the waiting area is looking around like “what in the world is going on!?” Some are laughing. A guy from an airline holds up a sign for a flight that none of them are on and they all pop up to get in a line- how easily they follow a new leader! The ‘real’ leader guy tells them to sit down and it looks like a game of musical chairs. People plop down anywhere they can and look around anxiously as if they are going to somehow be stranded. A co-leader yells out that someone left an IPad at the hotel. An older woman raises her hand and says that she thinks it might be hers because she can’t find hers. Aye-yi-yi!
New guy with new sign calls out their flight- which we are on. All social etiquette goes out the window. They cut in front of us. They ruthlessly cut in front of everyone acting like total buffoons. Someone is speaking English to them but they’re looking around for their leader to translate. Come on, man! I am certainly not saying that we always know what we’re doing but I am desperately hoping that we don’t parade around like a gaggle of boobs, and if we do I certainly hope we are not impeding a fellow traveler’s progress or making a spectacle of ourselves.
Oh, who am I kidding?! We probably offer comic relief for someone at least once a day! ha

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