We met a wonderful family on the bus to Kathmandu

We got on a pretty crowded little mini van type bus to get us to Kathmandu after we were done river rafting. A boy asked where we were from and we said the US. He said they were, too. They were currently living in New Jersey having moved from Nepal in 2003 I believe. They wanted to start a new life. They work at a casino in NJ, but were on holiday visiting grandparents.
They were so nice and helpful. Maddux loved talking to P.A. (their oldest boy) and their youngest was a sweetheart, too. I talked the mom’s ear off! Sorry about that.
It sure is nice to encounter good friendly people while you’re on a journey like this.
Thank you guys for making the road trip lots of fun and that’s much shorter! Good luck to you all. If we end up in NJ sometime, we’ll have to get together for lunch or something. Take care and thanks again for your helpful traveling tips regarding Kathmandu. We had a great time there.



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