Emirates Palace- this fancy hotel was once a palace

When we got to this hotel, a guard said we had to have “appropriate clothing” on (long pants and shirts.) Pierre and Florence had prepared us for this, so we had our backpack packed. Most of Maddux’s clothes were in the wash so we brought (what I call) his “Indian lounge outfit.” He was so mad! Emerson and I couldn’t stop laughing- he looked so cute. As soon as we got in the hotel and he saw someone in a tshirt, he took off the shirt and threw it.

The first picture is of an ablution room- below is the definition:
“a cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual”
You see these rooms everywhere since many Muslims pray five times per day and usually wash before they enter a prayer room.
We also noticed that people around these parts like gold! Everything is either actual gold or gold plated. Ooh-la-la!








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